Drunken Ed – adaptation for mobile (Game)

Drunken Ed was originally designed as a 2D balance game for public displays, in which the player has to balance a swaying drunkard with his body pose.
After publishing our work, we created an adapted version for mobile, which allows control of the tottering character by tilting to phone to the left and right.

My tasks on this project were primarily the design and implementation of the level selection menu for both the public display and the Android version. The level selection menu is especially important in this game, since it fulfills the double purpose of teaching the player the controls for the game.
Furthermore I managed the project and the dev-blog while we researched interaction techniques for public displays and created our fi rst prototypes. Our blog can be found here.

Drunken Ed (Beta) can be found on the Google Play Store (for free).
Beware, the stronger the alcohol the more devastating the effects!